Public organization "SOBORNOST" is a local independent, unprofitable, non-profit public organization which unites members of the organization on voluntary basis and communities of interests, moral qualities, worldview for achievement of the objectives and tasks provided by the present charter.


2.1 The Main objective of activity of the Organization is to facilitate the development of science, education, culture for the enrichment of the world spiritual potential and the revival of the moral bases of society.

2.2 Main objectives and activities of the Organization.

2.2.1 To expand public participation in educational, scientific, cultural programs, conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, concerts, festivals, forums and other scientific, educational and cultural activities.

2.2.2 To support a free experience exchange, knowledge, experts and information in the sphere of science, education and culture; to assist in ensuring access to information and knowledge in the sphere of scientific researches.

2.2.3 To facilitate development of publishing, mass media and information infrastructure.

2.2.4 To assist in formation of the ideological principles of patriotism, national self-consciousness, strengthening of independence and statehood of Ukraine.

2.2.5 To involve scientists in the activity of the organization and to promote formation and development of its scientific and creative initiatives.

2.2.6 To implement advocacy of the priority of the spiritual and moral principles in the life of society.

2.2.7 To cover views of the Organization through the mass media, the edition of printed materials, the conferences, production of audiovisual output for the aim of advocacy of the purposes and tasks of the Organization.

2.2.8 To conduct monitoring researches.

2.2.9 To advocate healthy lifestyle, carrying out activities with population on elimination of drug, alcohol, tobacco, Internet, etc. addictions.

2.2.10 To participate in accordance with the established procedure in the development and implementation of regional, interregional and transregional programs, grants aimed at the revival of spirituality, culture, science and improvement of social conditions of life in society.

2.2.11 To develop international relations and establishing of the international collaboration on questions which concern statutory activity of the Organization; to invite to Ukraine foreign experts for implementation of projects and programs of the Organization.