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The articles have to be send to e-mail:

The journal «Virtus»
is published 10 times a year

Publication: NGO Sobornist (Ukraine) СPM «ASF» (Canada)
Сertificate of Mass Media Registration
КВ № 21060-10860 Р


Dear colleagues, scientific journal «Virtus»
is indexed in two international academic databases:

Google Scholar

Scientific Indexing Services (USA)

International Innovative Journal Impact Factor

Citefactor (USA)


Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIFactor)

Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI)

InfoBase Index

International register of periodicals and the mass media.

Both bases have system of users’ protection from low-quality magazines.
For this purpose they use modern system of evaluation.


Requirements to structure and registration of scientific articles in the journal «Virtus»:

1. Article is submitted in original language (Ukrainian, Russian or English) in electronic format as a file with the extension *.doc (*.docx) by email to the address (in the email subject line you must specify: the journal «Virtus») in the following areas:

  1. Philosophy, religion and culture
  2. Philology and linguistics
  3. Pedagogy
  4. Psychology
  5. History
  6. State administration and law
  7. Sociology
  8. Politology
  9. Economy
  10. Health management

2. Scientific article must contain the following elements obligatory:
● Formulation of the problem in general and connection with important scientific or practical tasks, analysis of recent researches and publications.
● The purpose of the article.
● The main material research with full justification of scientific results.
● Conclusions and outlook for further research in this direction.

3. Requirements and location of structural elements of the article:

● UDC; surname, name, patronymic of the author (authors), academic degree, academic title, position and work place, e-mail (information is also submitted in English language);
● the article title, abstract (500-600 characters) and keywords are submitted in English and in the language of the article; the abstract should be structured, contain the purpose of the study, applied methods and main conclusions;
● the list of references at end of article is compulsory, after which the same list of sources is given in Latin alphabet (transliteration); this requirement is necessary for the international academic databases;
● the volume of the articles is up to 25 letters (from 5 to 13 page A-4 format);
● the obligatory requirement to the articles is high level of English.

4. Technical requirements for the text:
● All fields are 20 mm; font Times New Roman, font 14, interval – 1.5, indent – 15 mm.
● Picturess and tables are made according to DSTU and always need to have numbering and name.
● References and sources in the text are submitted by this sample: [5, p. 55], where 5 is the number of source references, and 55 is page. Links to several sources at the same time are drawn in such a way [1-4]. All links are given in the text in chronological order (not alphabetically).
● In the text you must use quotation marks only of such sample: « ». No need to put extra spaces, especially in front of square or round brackets, and within them (use the «Unprintable characters»).

5. The articles submitted by students are accompanied by a scientific supervisor's review or the extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Department on the recommendation of the material for printing. Review or extract from the minutes is available in scanned form via e-mail.

6. Responsibility for the content, absence of plagiarism, accuracy of facts, quotations, numbers and names are on the authors of the materials. The editorial board reserves the right to make minor editing and reduction, literary correction of the article (with preservation of the main conclusions and author’s style). The editorial board may not share the philosophical beliefs of the authors.

7. . The article added:
● Information about the author (s): address with postal code for sending the log by mail, phone, e-mail.
(See the sample)

● Scanned copy of receipt about payment (or check no., date, name).


To pay the registration fee is necessary only after the recommendation of the article for publication.
If you have not received an answer, duplicate your letter
and call the number +38 (095) 054-75-73
(Kozlovska Elena)